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 Attention Drivers!!


Subject: Weights & Numbers


You may or may not be aware of this but this but we had a several instances of lead weights falling off of several karts in the past. Some of these weights may have been close to 20lbs and secured with only a 1/4-20 bolt. A weight of this size is to much to put on one weight tab.


This could be a serious problem that could cause serious injury or worse if it were to hit another driver or someone were to run over it.


Please keep yourself and everyone else safe and check your weight tabs for cracks and make sure the weight is secured as per the rules listed below.


1. Weight must be secured to the kart with at least a 5/16 bolt and cotter-keyed or double   nutted.


2. Mounting weights to the rear bumper or nerf bars prohibited.


3. Any bolt on weights must be painted a white for visibility purposes and the kart number be marked on the weight per WKA rule # 451.10.


4. ***Numbers are required on ALL 4 sides of your kart***


The above rules can be found on our rules page.



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