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Attention All Drivers:

In the classes where we combined engines in First Year Rookie, Regular Rookie and Jr. Box Stock the clutch rule is open meaning you can run whatever clutch you choose. All Clone only classes must run a Stamped steel drum shoe type clutches only.



Attention All Drivers:

It will be assumed that you have read and agree to abide by the following rules if you participate in any event at Naugle Speedway.


ALL Karts will run by WKA rules except for the Unlimited Opens & Clones. Unlimited Open details at the bottom of the page. Clone details are available on the Clone Rules page. We will run a payout class for any class not listed if there are at least 4 karts. If you see a class that is not listed that you would like to see added to the weekly lineup please contact the speedway.



***Numbers are required on ALL 4 sides of your kart***

***Briggs Classes governed by WKA tech rules. No exceptions.***

All Classes subject to WKA Tech Inspection.

***Please Note: All Briggs Classes are Alcohol Only***

***Please Note: Weights in ALL Briggs Class***

***Full width rear bumpers are required in ALL Pee Wee * Rookie classes***

***Mufflers are required in ALL Classes***



Pee Wee Class:

Ages 5-8

Kart must have a full drivers cage and 5-point racing seat belt harness.

Weight 235 lbs. (.425) purple restrictor plate.

Engines specifications according to WKA rules.


All kart must have a full roll cage extending from behind the driver and ending at a point beyond the driver’s feet. Side cage rails are highly recommend. All karts must be equipped with a 5-point racing seat belt harness. All controls must be bolted, hair pinned or fastened in a manner to prohibit separation during operation. All karts must be neat in appearance and must pass safety tech inspection. All karts must be racing type go-karts (No Yard Karts).


There will be no kart registration fee on purse for this class. Trophies can be purchased individually for an additional fee.


If you are interested in this class and need more information call Ed Naugle at

(724) 869-3359 or send email to



Attention: Pee Wee, 1st Year & Regular Rookies:


The Regular Rookie class will use the  .500 (turquoise) restrictor plate, minimum weight 275 lbs.

First Year Rookies will still use the .425 (purple) restrictor plate, minimum weight 250 lbs.

Pee Wee's will use the .425 (purple) restrictor plate, minimum weight 235 lbs.





We will pay a purse for any 4 karts, of any class that show up on race day.

All 4 strokes, in all classes, must run WKA approved mufflers.

We will allow aftermarket connecting rods of stock length weighing the same or heavier than a stock Briggs.

We reserve the right to judge the safety and fitness of any competitor, kart or equipment on our grounds.

Burris Tires must be used by ALL classes at ALL NAUGLE SPEEDWAY events.



Pit Rules:


Everyone in the pits must have a valid pit pas wrist band.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the pit area.

No bicycles, skateboards, or rollerblades will be operated in the pits.

Karts cannot be driven under it's own power in the pits.

NO ONE will be permitted to address any track official on the flag stand during the racing program.

Abusive or obscene language or gestures, directed at any track official can result in being banned from the track.

Adults are responsible for any minor they bring on the property. No unattended minor will be permitted in the pit area.



Kart Rules:


All body work must be rounded and free of sharp edges . Lexan side panels and rub rails are now permitted. Please do not use Plexiglas as this material cracks and breaks easily and could cause you to be disqualified.  No 4 cycle body can be constructed of metal. These rules are designed for the driver's safety.


All karts must have numbers on all four sides including the rear. The bigger, the better.


Weight must be secured to the kart  with at least a 5/16 bolt and cotter-keyed or double nutted. Mounting weights to the rear bumper or nerf bars prohibited. Any bolt on weights must be painted a white for visibility purposes and the kart number be marked on the weight per WKA rule # 451.10.


Maximum kart width is 50 inches.


Rookie karts must have a rear bumper that extends at least to the middle of each rear tire.


All 4 cycle karts must run WKA approved mufflers.



Racing Rules:


Each crew is responsible to have their kart in line and race ready when their race is called up. Karts not at the gate will be considered scratched from the race. If a kart on the line up board is unable to compete in it's scheduled race, a crew member is to notify a track official.


Drivers are required to wear a full face Snell approved helmet, an unaltered neck collar, racing gloves, full length pants, shoes covering the entire foot and an abrasion resistant jacket.


Once on the track, kart will travel the front straight at a moderate speed, on the left hand side of the track until all karts are on the track and the gate is closed.


Initial starts will be double file and start out of turn 4. The kart on the inside pole starts the race. If there are 3 bad starts, the suspect kart, or karts, will be penalized. Karts on the front row will be moved back one row. Karts in other rows will go to the tail of the start.


In features races the pole sitter has the choice of inside or outside position, however, the kart on the inside front row still starts the race.


There will be daylight between each kart in the starting formation. Crowding and bumping will result in a yellow flagged start. The flagman will point to the offending driver.


Any kart causing 3 yellow flags is disqualified.


Any kart that spins, stops or causes a yellow flag to be thrown goes to the rear upon restart.


Any rough, inconsiderate or dangerous driving can be cause for disqualification.


In restarts all lapped traffic goes to the rear.


Restarts are on the back straight. Karts may accelerate out of turn 2 at the acceleration line but no one can pass until past the traffic cone.


No work can be done on the track, work is defined as the driver leaving his seat or touching the kart with anything used as a tool, lever or mechanical aid. No crew member may touch the kart on the track, a crew member will be allowed to re-fire the engine 2 times.


The flagman has complete control of the race. The flagman may confer with other track officials regarding a particular call.







Any rotary or reed valve 2 cycle engine, 170 cc max. displacement.

Any flathead or OHV 4 cycle engine, 466 cc max. displacement.

Any piston port, McCulloch or US820 engine, 210 cc max displacement.



Class Weights:


Any rotary or reed valve 2 cycle engine, 230 lbs. + 1 lb. per each cc or part of cc.

Any flathead 4 cycle engine, 190 lbs. + 1lb. per every 3 cc or part of cc.

Any Star engine, 230 lbs.+ 1lb. per every 3 cc or part of cc.

Any OHV 4 cycle engine, 230 lbs. + 1 lb. per every 3 cc or part of cc.

Any super charged 2 cycle engine, 245 lbs. + 1 lb. per each cc or part of cc.

Piston port, McCulloch and US820 engines, 200 lbs. + 1 lb. per cc or part of cc.


How to determine engine displacement.

Bore X Bore X Stroke X .7854 X 16.39 = DISPLACEMENT IN CC


The weight of the kart and driver MUST be prominently displayed on the front fairing in a color contrasting to the kart's paint scheme.



Chassis, Body Panels and Bumpers:


Weight must be secured to the kart frame with at least a 5/16 bolt and cotter-keyed or double nutted. Mounting weights to the rear bumper or nerf bars prohibited. It is highly recommended that any bolt on weights be painted a contrasting color for visibility purposes.


Each kart must have a complete set of nerfs and bumpers built to meet or exceed current WKA standards.


All karts must have a solid side panel extending from no more than 1 ½ " from behind the front tire and no more than 1 ½ " from the front of the rear tire. No more than 2" of the rear tire can extend past the side panel. All body panels must have an edge designed so as to not cause injury in a crash. Aluminum panels must have a rolled or covered edge.


An IFK type wedge body is allowed. Body can be 30" tall provided that does not impair the driver's vision or create an unsafe condition for other competitors. Total width of kart can be no more than 50 inches.


The track reserves the right to judge the fitness or safety of any kart. Any kart judged as unfit will not be permitted on the track until repairs or replacements can be made to the kart.





In an attempt to curb noise, all 4 cycle karts will be required to run WKA approved mufflers. All 2 cycle karts will be required to run silencers or to deflect the exhaust downward to the track surface by either adding an extension to the expansion chamber to by modifying the expansion chamber placing the exhaust port downward.



Numbers are REQUIRED on ALL 4 sides of your kart.


Please make sure you have legible numbers showing on all sides of your kart including the REAR of your kart as well. We do use the rear of your kart for scoring as well. Help make our scorers job easier and also lessen the chance of not being scored correctly.


Thank You.

Naugle Speedway Rules

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